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The NovaLyte™ NLC & NLS Series A Study in Red
Swans Nest Quilt Shop Swans Nest Quilt Shop (view 2)
Swans Nest Efficiency Apartment The Clock Shop
NovaLyte™ LED Lamps by Jim Pounder A Curio Cabinet

The NovaLyte™ NLC & NLS Series
The NovaLyte™ NLC & NLS Series
Welcome to The Gallery! We are pleased to display the creative talents of some miniaturists who have already discovered NovaLyte™ LED Lighting and incorporated it in their creations. This is, of course, only a small sampling to start with, but we will be adding to this collection as time goes on. We hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as we have - and who knows, perhaps one of them will spark a bit of inspiration for your next miniature project. Enjoy . . .