LED lighting has been referred to as ... " the lighting of the future...

Welcome to the FUTURE!

NovaLyte™ NLC & NLS Series
Less Heat . . .
LED lighting generates less heat than conventional light bulbs with the same light output. LEDs are ideal for Recessed Lighting in Ceilings, Kitchens Cabinets, Curios, Bookshelves, etc. LED Lighting allows you to "Light Up" not "Heat Up" your miniature display.

Less Power . . .
LEDs convert electricity to light much more efficiently than conventional light bulbs, thus using far less power to generate the same light output. For instance, the NLS4 (a four light LED strip) only uses 65-70 MA @ 12V (or about the same as one miniature light bulb)!!.

Longer Life . . .
Conventional light bulbs have filaments which are subject to shock, vibration, and (eventually) burn-out. "Long Life" for a light bulb is 2500 hours or less (usually much less). Novalyte™ LED's have a typical life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours of continuous operation and are not affected by shock or vibration.

NovaLyte™ LED Lighting was designed to last a lifetime!

Now you can be creative . . . with NovaLyte™ LED lighting!

Visit the gallery to see examples of the following:
  • Recessed lighting & LED desk lamps
  • Indirect interior & under-counter lighting
  • Recessed interior lighting & outdoor scenes